a Poem by Raquel Swann


Perplex me, Text me, Sext me,

Delicious charms in a lonely world.

Reach me, Beseech me, Teach me,

“I’m not like the others,” hmmm.

Pick me, Trick me, Kick me,

Bruises heal in time.

Friends learn, Soul burn, Stomach churn,

You jump off this train, fast.

Misname me, Shame me, Defame me,

I don’t compromise.

Yell, Swell, You can go to hell.

I’m so much better than this.

Pill me, Thrill me, Kill me,

Because I’m the secret in a closet

you didn’t want open.

So many, Few many, Too many,


Speak our names, so this can never

ever happen again.





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