No Friend of Mine

a Poem by Raquel Swann

I’m selfish you say,

It was ALL about me for a day

Or three, or four, so seven.

But, I needed you so,

I wanted to grow,

with you by my side forever.

It’s just about you,

and what you said you would do,

which wasn’t too much to ask.

Now we’re apart,

It’s not very smart,

Because friendship shouldn’t end.

When you get burned,

the lessons you’ve learned,

should lead you to brighter days.

If that should be true,

Why are my skies not so blue,

Besties? Ha. Not so much.

A block party ensues,

There are no more tissues,

I’m left to wonder.

My heart’s torn in two,

And I miss you,

Just apologize.

You won’t.

I won’t.

Pride is on the line,

you’re no friend of mine,

So why do I feel so lost?

Every day

Another mile between us

Is this how it ends?

Then you, my dear, were no friend,

Of mine.

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