Top Five Reasons to Buy METAMORPHOSIS on Kindle!

Alina Baraz & Galamatias “Can I” Play this while you read, it’s super relaxing…
Metamorphosis releases on Kindle June 25th / ***Hard Copy available now. Click here to purchase!


At $4.99 this book is a virtual steal. According to all my beta readers it is an exhilarating read with a suspenseful ending. Since I wrote the damn thing, I know I’m a bit biased but hell… someone’s gotta do my press. I priced it at this level because I firmly believe that the Trans Community should be able to afford a story which centers on US. All proceeds will fund my own transition.


Obviously I can start a Gofundme, but why when I have a talent I’d love to share with all of you. Yes, I want money. Yes, I want to buy a house in the mountains so I don’t have to work any longer. And yes, I just want to be me just like all of you. Why do I deserve such things? Well, no one ever said I did, but I really would love your support anyway! Okay, I’m begging but I adore writing and I so badly want it to be a career for me.


The TransMute Series is a milestone for me and I want to share it with everyone who will read it. It combines elements from my life as a transwoman, combined with current events, all set within a fantasy backdrop. To me, this story is one I need to share for my own piece of mind and perhaps yours. Is it possible I would say things which resonate with you? Is it possible you find contrast with you own situation and find an alternative way of thinking? And Is it possible, you’ll just plain hate it and me. Awwwwww. Don’t do that. But seriously, try it out.


Gurl, them is expensive. So there’s that. Don’t need to say anymore.


The promise I make to all readers is I will try to remain down to earth and available. Whether or not this story is successful I am always open to feedback and I want my brothers, sisters, and friends to know that I respect your opinions. If you feel my work hurts the community I will listen – If you feel my work is uplifting then I shall continue on course. Please email me with any questions


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