Diversity – “From D&D to Real Life” by Ellie

a blog post by Ellie

Diversity, if accepted, breeds success, if denied breeds contempt. In the years I’ve spent playing and listening to tales of others playing dungeons and dragons, I’ve learned much about life in general. One of the many things I have learned is that diversity even in the face of adversity, especially then, leads to success. Never have I heard a story of a group of players playing characters with the same skills and stats succeed at every aspect of a campaign. Most of the time I’ve seen them ignore or destroy their primary lead to the storyline because the players belonged to a race that felt their primary lead was stupid or inferior, due to race deity or gender, or for one reason or another simply hated.

I see the same thing happening in real life! Another reason the party failed is because they failed to see or hear something important, then they all die because the group weakness is exposed. Diversity is so important! Even more important is the acceptance of that diversity! We cannot succeed if we don’t seek the important information others have to share. We can’t win if we do not seek others who have skills that overcompensate our shortcomings! And believe me we all have some area that we lack skillful mastery of.

To me the measure of how smart a person is if they are self aware of their own shortcomings and surround themselves with those who will make up for their failures! No one succeeds alone, a golfer has a caddy, Batman has Robin, high ranked business men and women have several people under them holding them up. Honestly it’s the connections we build between each other that make us all better.

Just because you feel alone or are not physically with one or several people every day doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. Sometimes quiet reflection can be good but only if your being challenged and aided by those around you often enough that the time you take for reflection becomes meaningful! I have grown so much over the past several years because not only was I challenged but mainly because I took a step back to look at the challenges I’ve faced and found they can be overcame! Rise with those around you! Take on the world! It’s yours. Face it head on and live not just for yourself but so you may one day be the reason someone else can be lifted up to stand beside you! You are all beautiful people!

With kindness,

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