What’s It Like?

a Poem by Raquel Swann

It’s like questioning your own existence
as if your purpose is skewed.
You’re on a crowded highway
but there’s no exit for you.

It’s like there’s a north and south
but you want to go west
You’re told that’s a bad idea
So you follow the rest.

It’s like being at a party
where you don’t belong
It’s like you’re in a choir
but you sing the wrong the song.

It’s like watching them dance,
while you sit in a chair
they’re all having fun
does anyone care?

It’s like knowing the truth,
but living a lie,
It’s like you don’t feel right,
and you don’t know why.

Until you realize one day,
there are others like you
then you understand there’s
only one thing to do.

Try to live your life
and be true to your heart
It’s like what happens now
will they tear me apart?

It’s like, can I step outside now
for a little fresh air?
you look for old friends
most aren’t there.

Some couldn’t be a part of it,
because they wouldn’t understand
this is what it’s like,
when you come out as Trans.

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