Why the HELL do we care about what celebrities have to say?

To most of the world, I’m just an ordinary person. I mean to those that know me, I have been known to give a some wisdom and good advice from time to time. But that’s probably because I know with great power comes great responsibility. Yep Uncle Ben! You said it!

As someone influential in another’s life there is a super HUGE responsibility to give advice that is helpful, constructive, and ultimately betters their lives. Nothing burns my tits more than when my children heed advice from a celebrity and think – “this is how the world works!” Uh, No! I don’t actually know any celebrities, so nothing against any of them. What I do know, is how can I trust the words of someone I’ve never met. Why does it matter what they have to say when it comes to our lives.

Do I agree with some statements made by celebrities? Of course. That’s not really the point of all this. The main goal here is to have you think for a moment – just because Justin Bieber takes a bite out of Big Mac, or your favorite sports star, is wearing a pair of Beats – do your research. Form your own opinions. And for the love of God, listen to those who know you best. No, that does NOT include Dr. Phil. In many cases, celebrities, especially the most selfish ones are paid to take a stance or form a certain opinion.

Take your life back and stop taking what they say so LITERALLY. Take Keanu Reeves for instance – the guy does nice things when the camera isn’t rolling. That’s rare. If the instagram is on, and the camera’s in focus – chances are you’re watching what may very well be a lie in form of publicity.

No – I’m not a hater. Just want you to remember, you are loved by real people who worry about you. Most of which could give you better life lessons than the Kardashians. Like yo daddy, mommy, brother, and sister. Listen to them! If they are constructive, helpful, and you know the advice will better your life – go for it!

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