Top Five Reasons Why Some Advice is Terrible?

I given advice and I have almost equally received it. Through my time working in sales and being a parent- I think I have successfully narrowed down the major reasons when advice is just bad! Here we go:

1. When there is bias present.

Is the person giving you love advice secretly “in love” with you? Is the person telling you how good you are at something a family member who you know deep down inside wouldn’t be honest? Do they fear breaking your heart?

All of this needs to be considered when seeking advice. Even the best psychologists guide you using your own words. It’s very rare you receive specific instructions to come to a solution. Those with bias can easily steer you in the wrong direction without any ill intentions. Beware!

2. When they have something to gain.

Very similar to those with bias but with more complications! Is a boss who is afraid to lose your talents warning you about an alternate career choice? Is a friend trying to sell you into a business of which they have a vested interest? Will the choice you make benefit the other party more than it will benefit you?

Consider these factors when seeking business | work advice. As I’m sure you know not everyone is pure of heart. When money is involved consider all factors when listening to what would “benefit” you most. Only you, and a loved one you trust can really decide these matters.

3. When they don’t heed their own advice.

Self explanatory! How can you take advice from someone who isn’t consistent with how they run their own choices. That friend who always finds themselves in debt may not be the best to ask about financial matters.

4. When their own regrets get in the way.

Sometimes, others don’t want to see you succeed because they personally never have. Therefore, negativity steps in the way like a runaway train smashing into the station. These people can be identified easily because they often say things like, “it won’t work”, or “you know how impossible that will be?” or they give you the odds. NEVER GIVE ME THE ODDS. Although, they may be right some of the time, it’s bad form for someone to step on your dreams. Look for those who may know a better way, or deliver the bad news about your idea with constructive criticism rather than blatant negativity.

5. When there isn’t a difference between bullshit and wisdom!

We live in an ever changing world. We all know that person who gives advice and takes liberties with the data by creating situations in which their advice makes total sense. The only problem is they are wrong. Google it! For real. If you don’t want to be rude, wait until your free and get the real facts. Things are so different now from fifty years ago.

In summary, some people give the best advice, and sometimes your instincts plain suck. It happens, I know from personal experience. But sometimes, you’re listening to bad advice. Keep an open mind, get the facts, and listen to many different perspectives. There you can always find an answer. But ultimately, only YOU can choose the best path for you!




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