Get my pronouns right, Fucknuts!

Okay so here’s the deal. You’re transgender like me and it’s the absolute beginning of your transition. Let’s say 7 months in – you’ve gained a little weight, chocolate is absolutely delightful, you have teeny tiny breast buds, and you’re starting to feel like you’ve always wanted. Sounds happy! No. Not really. Not for me.

Mainly because of three reasons:

  1. I’m bald and want to do hair restoration procedures. Not a wig fan.
  2. Still need to find the funds to get rid of this facial hair that is thick and coarse just like my old Italian grandmother!
  3. My co-workers / subordinates / managers are a bunch of fucknuts. Don’t worry I’ll explain.

I just want to be called by my last name for now. That’s all. No sirs, no mans, no guys! Like if your name was Margaret, and you detested being called Margie, or Maggie – I would respect that. What about William who hates being called Bill. Why in holy hell would I call you Bill unless I wanted to take you in the parking lot and knock your nose in.

Back to me – I am becoming more and more androgynous as the days pass. I’ve requested they call me by my LAST NAME for now. That all. Easy. Right? WRONG! This is what I’m hearing:

“Okay, sir.” Them.

“Just call me (insert name here). Please don’t call me sir.” Me.

“Sorry, man. That’s how I was raised.” Them.

“I understand. I respect that but I have my reasons and how many people tell you to not call them, sir?” Me.

“It’s just how I was raised.” Them.

“Me. Just don’t do it. K. Thanks. Bye.” Me.So…. what you’re saying is, you were raised to be an asshole because I specifically told you to STOP! I see no difference and have come to the conclusion that if you can’t respect what I’m asking you to do – then you are bonafide FUCKNUT.

Rant over.

Thank you.

*Fucknut is a word which in this context means the following – a shit brained jack hole who has no respect or an ounce of human decency.*

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