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Let’s breakthrough the ceiling, together, in the genre of Transgender and overall LGBT Fiction!

For the longest time Transgender Fiction has been riddled with fetish books geared towards forced feminization, sisification, and/or pornographic depictions of our community. I never cared for it and I find it offensive. We’ve tried for years to break the stigma that transwomen are not “real” women and these books DO NOT HELP.

Here comes the Transmute series! Books which will change the face of Transgender Fiction forever. The first book Metamorphosis breaks all norms in the genre and gives hope and love to all my trans brothers and sisters. 

I desperately need your help to get the word out, perhaps find an agent, and one day have these books and stories published for all to see. Becoming a member will get you exclusive looks into all books, and each chapter as I write it! All proceeds will eventually go towards my own transition. Some put up Gofundme pages, I wish to do it with art in the form of words. 


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