Are Women MORE emotional than men, really?

Hello. It’s me my lovely Swanns. Remember, you are beautiful and accepted. Always.

So… I’m sitting at work minding my business and some random guy speaking to a woman I don’t know says this:

“Well, you know. Most woman are emotional. You know what I’m saying, right?”

Without context, without hesitation – I had to chime in immediately. For the longest time Men were lead to believe that women for the most part are emotional and far more so than men. Nothing can be further from the truth. Nothing.

While, I will admit women are more in tune with their own emotions. The hormones take daily have me dealing with a wide variety of feelings I used to overlook. But MORE emotional. I think not.

In my experience it is much more balanced than we have been led to believe. In the spectrum of humanity there are two types of thought processes. Emotional & Logical. Tearing up over a movie, or spilling tears over a traumatic event makes you no less or more emotional than a male counterpart.

As a matter of fact there are many emotions which men display depending on who they are. Anger is an emotion. Sadness, happiness, jealously, rage, desperation, pride, and the list goes on. A lot of men are as emotional, or worse in some cases.

Before you go accusing a woman of being “too emotional” remember all of those feelings you trap inside because of the social acceptance and how you were raised. Before you feel you have to run out and fight someone to prove a point – remember those actions are fueled by emotions.

Logical thinkers on both sides do not engage in these activities. Being emotional to me is someone who is controlled by them. And unfortunately guys – that could very well be YOU! Crying in a weak moment, doesn’t necessarily make you an emotional person. However, allowing those feelings to control your decision making process does.

In my family my brother is a logical thinker, and I am an emotional thinker. Many women I worked for in the past we’re logical thinkers. I believe there is no relation between gender and being overly emotional. Some of us just hide it better than others.


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