a Poem by Raquel Swann

If I make a mistake at work,
there will be hell to pay,
there will fire and fury
there will be conversations and,
write ups and,
questioning my abilities to lead and,
conversations and,
course correction and,
redirection and,
training and,
I just forgot to ring up a lemon.
the customer had so many, and I miscounted.
a lemon, a single lemon, and I felt like a thief,
and I felt like a failure and,
and I felt like I need this job,
because it pays me,
and I need the money,
to feed my family.
I walk home with a slump,
worried about my job.
Real people get murdered in broad daylight,
yet your job is safe.
I payed for the lemon,
who pays for the lives which were destroyed?
It’s time for conversations,
and training and,
and write ups,
and someone needs to be held accountable.

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