a Poem by Raquel Swann

My stocks have been crashing,

The margin call has come,

I landed on boardwalk,

and you have hotels.

Nine high, no pairs,

while they hold the aces,

Cubic Zirconia,

in a box full of diamonds,

A store with no merch,

A comic that’s ripped,

websites without content

a song with no sound,

A tv, no picture,

A solider without a gun.

totally worthless,

without purpose.


  1. Lacey Fisher

    This is a very revealing poem. I love the transparency in it and I’m happy to have read it. I see myself in it and I wanted you to know, you are anything but worthless. You’ve started a beautiful forum for people to come together and support one another. I love your writing style too. It’s very raw and to the point.


    1. Raquel R Swann

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I just try to capture my emotions as real as they in the moment. Had a bad moment! I’m glad you enjoy my writing! ❤️


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