How I Feminized My Voice for FREE by Ellie

I have seen trans women time and time again fret over their deep voice. As someone who used to worry about her own voice, I can tell you that I once thought I would never get to the point that I’m at right now. I am here to say that having a deep voice is not the worst thing in the world. With that said I would be lying if I said my own low tone didn’t bother me.

As an audio engineer and someone who studied the evolution of audio, and the artists who helped popularize recordings in college – I’ve learned that women with deep voices and men with control over the higher tones are actually sought after. The women are said to have sultry or exotic sounding voices that are unique and iconic. As for the men how more iconic can you get than Frankie Valli?

I know that this is coming off as little more than me telling you not to worry and stop your whining. But for me it’s more than that I have come a long way from the extra deep voice I had forged as a defense so that I would stop being teased as a child. And the naturally deep voice that came in handy for working in a noisy environment such as a factory. YouTube is filled with examples. cis women with deep voices, some of which are listing pro’s and con’s of their voice. Cis men showcasing their talented high pitched voices.

With so many Trans people worried about it, I want to reassure that it does get better. But you need to work hard at it. When you first start out you may feel a bit silly. Throwing your voice to the highest pitch for practice can seem ridiculous. Just remember, it’s not your fault! You were taught to form words using the wrong part of your voice. Like many other things throughout my transition, I had to teach myself how to speak.

I would like to share with everyone how I opened up my vocal range and gained confidence and control of my voice. This will be little comfort or use to the Trans Men but from what I understand testosterone will aid in the process. Men will need to work on inflection more than pitch.

In 2011 I had been looking into what it meant to be Trans. During this time, I felt it necessary to look into how to become Trans. I found site after site on the internet, some dark, disturbing, and utterly useless. Some were extremely educational and helpful. I decided to going to try to be true to myself, even if I needed to lie to others for a while longer. A lot of the sites I found dealt with feminization of the body, many at a price tag in the hundreds to thousands range. Very little information was out there dealing with feminization of the voice. One day while searching, I hit the mother-load! Vocal coaching, surgical alterations, and so much more.

Some things I tried didn’t work so well, so I tried looking into alteration, or professional coaching, but ultimately the price was WAY too high. I looked into information on how vocal coaches achieve results, and I found the idea simple. So simple that I feel confident anyone can do this on their own without the need of an “expert” who essentially wasting money you could use elsewhere. Like cute clothes! I spent nearly a year searching for the process compiling information from dozens or more sources only to discover the most important thing about the voice is how you use it. All you need in essence is time, yourself and some way to record yourself speaking so you can hear your progress. You can find a cheap personal digital recorder on amazon or use your phone’s voice memo recorder.

Step one is literally the hardest part, you need to learn to use your falsetto. The reason this is difficult is not because the falsetto is hard to use, but because you’ll feel stupid for trying. Perhaps ridiculous- because let’s face it you will sound like Mickey Mouse. You’ll be frustrated and angry that you can’t get your voice to do what you want, and it may make you want to quit. You need to keep at it! Every single day. It will help, I promise. You WILL get better and better. But it won’t happen overnight. Hell, it may not happen in a week, a month, and you’d be lucky if you could move past this step within a year. I suggest checking your progress with the recorder once a week.

Sing along with the radio in falsetto when you have some time alone to mitigate those feelings. Car rides to and from work helped me a lot. Drink plenty of water to keep your voice lubricated, and don’t stress your voice too much, too fast. It will do you no good if you loose your voice because you’ve pushed too hard.

Step two this one is not as crippling as one but difficult in its own rite. Teach your mouth to make the words, not your chest or throat. This is so different to how men are normally trained to speak. This usually goes hand in hand with step one but it is a different form of control. Some words are going to be a lot more difficult to use than others. You will stumble over them. But if you stick with it you will get better I swear!

Step three learn to slide your voice around the scale you’ve been working on in step one. Your voice will bounce and crack in unexpected ways almost like puberty all over again. Just practice sliding. These steps are a good start to finding your feminine voice for FREE. Keep me updated on your progress!


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