The Truth Is…

a Poem by Raquel Swann

The truth is I’m frightened of what people think of me because even though I say it doesn’t matter, it JUST does.

The truth is I feel like I don’t belong anywhere because I’m not deserving of love.

The truth is I need attention so my emotions hang in the balance every time I post something.

The truth is you liking this post gives me a temporary high which only last a few seconds.

The truth is for those few seconds I feel like I’ve accomplished something wonderful, until I my brain tells me that I really haven’t.

The truth is I push everyone away because eventually they’ll find out who I really am.

The truth is I just want the people I push away to notice I’m gone so I can experience what it feels like to be missed.

The truth is as I write this I pray someone will comment and tell me I’m not alone.

The truth is being alone is something you do to yourself, in most cases.

The truth is the world may or may not be a better place without me.

The truth is I have to create a world which is better with me in it.

The truth is I must realize that I must be happy with the choices I make.

The truth is who really knows what choices are correct.

The truth is I most learn to love myself.

The truth is I am Raquel and I am transgender.

The truth is there are others who feel the way I do. I am not alone, and never have been.

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