Introducing the TransMute Literary Universe!

This blog post is tomake sure I’m ready for the recent moves I’ve made to improve myself. All I’ve wanted from the beginning was to write and make a career out of it.

A failed book release has caused me to rethink all strategies. I’ve pulled all books back and will soon release Episodes for all of my work here, and on Wattpad. With that being said I wanted to introduce you to the Transmute Literary Universe.

The TLU – will encompass 8 stories which will all intersect by the end. As always any feedback would be appreciated. Allow me to introduce you to two of my new characters.

Ivy is a Dreamwalker. Part of a blood line of ancient warriors who swore to protect against any foe which threatens the balance of the Earth. Ivy denies her abilities and will not allow them to control her life. With the world around her falling apart piece by piece, Ivy must find the courage and strength to join the fight.

From the time Max was three years old, he has only known pain. His mother was murdered in an elementary school shooting, but she managed to to save a classroom full of first graders. When Maximus finds out the family secret that he and his father are shapeshifters, he uses his new abilities in vengeful ways. An evil organization recruits him to destroy villains and satisfy his bloodlust. The lines between good and evil are blurred, and Maximus must decide which side he will choose in the Great War to come.

What do you think of the covers?

Is there anything you would change?

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