Why Caitlyn Jenner Doesn’t Represent Me. (And Likely Never Will)

So, I’m watching the Comedy Central Roast Of Alec Baldwin and Caitlyn goes into her set. A barrage of self promoting, unfunny, and stale jokes didn’t bother me. She bothers me. Everything she stands for bothers me to my very core.

A trans woman finally on the dais at a Comedy Central Roast! I should be proud, I should be happy. Instead, I’m disgusted. For some reason she just doesn’t get it. Why? You know what, I really don’t know. Let’s take a look at the facts:

She’s a Republican who in the beginning of her transition was still unsure about legalizing gay marriage.

She supported Trump and spoke out against him only after he already did harm to our community. She most likely still supports him.

The only time I’ve seen or heard of her doing good deeds was on her TV show. Where is she now that the cameras aren’t rolling anymore?

She still uses the word, “transgendered” which by our standards is incorrect.

Caitlyn doesn’t seem to know what the issues are and plugs herself before mentioning the 18 murders of trans women of color.

Frankly, everything she stands for opposes us and many fronts. There is Trace Lynette, Laverne Cox, and Jen Richards ( to name a few) who are all worthy and knowledgeable to speak on trans issues. Why are they not elevated to this position we desperately need?

In order to understand the issues you have to rise above yourself and open your eyes to the world around you. Perhaps, she will one day but for now I can’t look up to her nor find any value in anything she says or does.

So many of my readers inspire me to do what I do on a daily basis. You ALL are the real heroes! The struggle is real and I just don’t get the vibe that Ms. Jenner understands it – not one bit. The lovely ladies and gentlemen living through the nightmare of simply being yourself while facing nationwide ridicule are my representatives.

I respect what she’s been through and am happy she is finally living an authentic life. Now it’s time for her to understand us. Until then I will look to other role models to guide me through my own personal inner turmoil.


  1. sk.blogger41

    I agree I feel there is something not right with her my boys have a transgender couple as part of our family they have always been a part of their life now Jaime is finally getting the surgery to him whole. I feel Caitlyn was wrong in publicly blaming her family the mother of her children which I don’t care much for either I’m not about watching that kind of tv but she was more concerned with bashing kris then talking about and standing up for issues transgender people go through everyday I think she’s fake and just wants attention like look at me look at me.


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