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The Metaphorical Mess

Once upon a time I lived in a mansion filled with many rooms, each one clean and tidy.


Here We Go Again

Flash Fiction by Raquel Swann “Dad, did you not get the promotion because you are lighter skinned and they needed more darker men in management,” a little boy asked with a silly smile smeared on his face. “Hahahahahaha!” Laughed an older man, most likely the boy’s father. His […]


Flash Fiction by Raquel Swann “I don’t even know who you are anymore,” she yelled to me. Her voice doused with frustration and anger. Tears rolled down her cheeks as if some horrible injustice had been laid upon her. With hands shaking and voice trembling she continued to weep. […]

At Night 

AT NIGHT Flash Fiction by Raquel Swann  At night I’m whisked away to a place that does not exist, a place that is far away in a distant memory. In this place I am the me I know past the flesh and bone, beyond the the exterior. In this world, I […]

Faded Love

FADED LOVE Flash Fiction by Raquel Swann I had a barrel full of love once and it was heavy and overflowing with joy and happiness. It was sealed with understanding, compromise, and faith. The love tucked away inside did not spill nor evaporate nor get tainted. It was a […]

The Calling

THE CALLING Flash Fiction  by Raquel Swann The woman within cries for attention. She and I have a lot in common. For we are one in the same. One of us, her of course, is hidden behind the fear and the anxiety and the shame that bears heavy […]