Alcoholic Thoughts

I cancelled an appointment this week with my endocrinologist. It was to get hormones for me to start my path. I guess I was a tad bit afraid. At the same time I not where I want to be physically and mentally. Am I a chicken? Is it […]

At Night 

AT NIGHT Flash Fiction by Raquel Swann  At night I’m whisked away to a place that does not exist, a place that is far away in a distant memory. In this place I am the me I know past the flesh and bone, beyond the the exterior. In this world, I […]

Faded Love

FADED LOVE Flash Fiction by Raquel Swann I had a barrel full of love once and it was heavy and overflowing with joy and happiness. It was sealed with understanding, compromise, and faith. The love tucked away inside did not spill nor evaporate nor get tainted. It was a […]

The Actor

  The Actor a Poem by Raquel Swann   I am the actor and this is my play Pretending I’m this person every day Only I’m trapped in my show with no escape. Director, director please cut the tape.   Let me be free and do what I […]

The Light…

a Poem by Raquel Swann The light shines upon you and pain goes away. 49 souls went to heaven this day. The lord has mercy on those who are true. May the lord have wrath on those who are cruel. We that are left here with questions to […]


a Poem by Raquel Swann Family is the home that makes a home. Family is the moments when no one else is looking. Family is the sunshine after a rain. Family is the hug that you don’t deserve. Family is the kiss that you didn’t expect. Family is […]